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National Wool Museum article download National Wool Museum OzQuilt link

The above link is provided with permission of the West Australian Quilters’ Association. The article and inclusion of the photos in it have been approved by the National Wool Museum, Geelong.


Website of WA Inspired Art Quilters, a group to which I belong

Below, are quilts that are not fractals!. They were made using basic patterns by Jan Mullen, with lots of design and cutting decisions on the way.

Catz, 2016,  50” (wide) x 53” (high), quilt for Andreas. Metallic fabric border, binding and frames around the cats. Cats are brighter yellows than in the photo. Four cats are belled!


Catz, 2014, large single, for Beth

Dressz, 2010, double-bed size, for Emily

Angelz, 2010, single-bed size, for Izzy

Catz, 2010, lap quilt size, for Kate

Angelz, 2009, single-bed size, for Alex

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