Cosmic Serpent


Have nearly worked through all of the hand-dyed fabrics that I won at QuiltWest a couple of years ago! The quilt is at  the Dare to Differ Exhibition in Adelaide at the moment! The statement is probably better than the quilt:

Pattern on pattern on pattern (ad infinitum if sewing skills permitted) …… a serpent writhing through the heavens. The figure represents mythological serpents common to many cultures, including the Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) of Noongar aboriginal people which is both creator and guardian. Stars quilted on the lighter yellow background symbolize a galaxy.


Lucky run

Big news is that the stitched and bound 2017 exhibition that I have helped organise is up and running and is getting rave reviews! Attendance and enthusiasm have been tops – the gallery people are very pleased.

Other news is my fractals are getting attention with Fractal Book in stitched and bound, Frobot touring four venues in the US as part of the World Quilt Show, Cosmic Serpent accepted for Dare to Differ in Adelaide, Twelve Shades of ? and Colours of the Aboriginal Flag accepted for Art Quilt Australia in Launceston, Kimberley Creek accepted for the NZ Symposium in Christchurch. I am slowly educating people as to what fractals are!


AQC plus

My quilt ‘Bush Tucker’ that I made for AQC survived the first cut in the entries but not the second. Oh well, win some, lose some. You will see Bush Tucker in some other exhibition!

Have just taken a long shot with my Leafy Sea Dragon quilt from 2015. Had some successes with it and found it could still be entered in an international exhibit at Houston. So the entry has gone in!

Forster.Pat-Leafy Sea DragonFull


Back on Track

Have been preoccupied with celebrating my decade birthday (you can guess which one ha ha) and am now full steam back onto the quilting. Am making ’12 Shades of Marigold’ with the fractal motif in the photo-am onto making the 12th shade. Quite a dedication of time! Will be putting them onto a green, pieced background. Other progress is I have survived the first cut for the AQC 2017 Challenge. Second cut means 30 quilts out of sixty will be chosen for the exhibition. DSC00478.JPG