AQC plus

My quilt ‘Bush Tucker’ that I made for AQC survived the first cut in the entries but not the second. Oh well, win some, lose some. You will see Bush Tucker in some other exhibition!

Have just taken a long shot with my Leafy Sea Dragon quilt from 2015. Had some successes with it and found it could still be entered in an international exhibit at Houston. So the entry has gone in!

Forster.Pat-Leafy Sea DragonFull


Back on Track

Have been preoccupied with celebrating my decade birthday (you can guess which one ha ha) and am now full steam back onto the quilting. Am making ’12 Shades of Marigold’ with the fractal motif in the photo-am onto making the 12th shade. Quite a dedication of time! Will be putting them onto a green, pieced background. Other progress is I have survived the first cut for the AQC 2017 Challenge. Second cut means 30 quilts out of sixty will be chosen for the exhibition. DSC00478.JPG

12 Shades of Blue is going to Sydney

Was happy to learn that 12 Shades of Blue (see Hexagon tab) has been accepted for the Modern Quilt Show Australia at the end of November. A juried and judged show. I’ve been lucky with my ’12 Shades’ quilts – think I’d better try 12 shades of orange next.  Trisected (see Squares tab) didn’t get the okay. It’s one of my favourite quilts – hangs in the kitchen. At least I don’t have to get it down to post off with ’12 Shades’.


WA Inspired Art Quilters

We are selling cards with quilt photos on the front, creator’s name and quilt title on the back, and blank inside. Each comes with an envelope and is protected by a plastic sleeve. We will take the ones that we have left to the November CQG meeting. If you would like some, ask Hilary Arber or Pat Forster at the meeting.

set of 7 note-cards $21 (L to R, top row, by Stella king, Denise Mallon, Roberta Chantler, Pat Forster; bottom row, by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber, Liz Humphries)

1-dsc04079-003 dsc04221-008 dsc05934-0011-DSC04117-004.JPG dsc06548-001dsc04058-003dsc05667-004landscape cards, $4 each or $24 for your combination of 7 (L to R, top row by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber; 2nd row by Denise Mallon, Hilary Arber; 3rd row by Roberta Chantler, Liz Humphries)

dsc05930  dsc04058-002dsc04221-007  1-dsc05216 dsc05244a  dsc05934

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Luck with Kimberley at Sunset

I entered York Art and Craft Awards last month, in the Fibres category , to see what that scene is. The specified theme was ‘Time’. Was in luck as my ‘Kimberley at Sunset’ quilt was given ‘Highly Commended’. Each category has one prize, and a few HCs — there were two for  Fibres. Besides the obvious creek, the quilt shows (machine embroidered) Kimberley wildlife coming out at sunset to feed, some in sunlight and others in shadow – the link with time is obvious!!.

DSC05611a_edited-002 DSC05615


New energy!

Haven’t posted on this blog for a while as Jim and I have been driving around Australia. Had a great time. Fortunately there were evenings when I could stitch -hexagons mainly. The photo shows part of one piece. Since being home, I have written for an academic journal, about properties of the hexagon fractals that I quilt. I have corresponded about them with a very nice guy  Robert Fauthauer whose fractal tiling patterns got me going with designing. His website is

Now, back to the stitching – I hope you are finding time for that too (-: