Celebrate the Culture of Australia’s First People, 2018, each 40cm x 60cm. Exhibited Western Australian Museum Albany July 2018 and Boddington Field Day 2018. Sold to private collector. National Trust Register number 1295.2018.PF, …. Downloadable document  Poster Quilts Booklet, 8, Quilts and Quotations

Noongar placenames (2018), 41cm x 29cm.  Purchased by Freshwater Bay Museum, Claremont.  National Trust Register number 1289.2018.PF.  Supporting document Noongar Placenames without downloaded images


Bush Tucker (2017), 90cm  x 90cm, for sale $150 DSC09857a

Bushtucker quilts, sold, part of WA Inspired Art Quilters’ Balbuk’s Country 2017 Set


DSC09875  DSC09864

Colours of the Aboriginal Flag (2017). Juried into Art Quilt Australia 2017, World Quilt Show 2018 (five exhibitions in USA), exhibited in 2018 at Yarra Valley Regional Museum (Vic) Art Quilt Australia

)  PForsterFull2a

Colours of the Aboriginal Flag 2 (2017), single bed 133cm x 188cm. Juried into Modern Quilt Show Australia 2017. Given to Swanleigh Hostel for Aboriginal students.