Quilt National 19

Just watched the opening of Quilt National 19 live–great since I couldn’t be there. Now I can put my quilt photo up – am so pleased the quilt got into the premiere USA show. The quilt is called Fish Feeding Frenzy and is big, 62″ x 62″. I have put the statement below.FishFeedingFrenzy62x62

Statement: Fish-feeding in Darwin, Australia results in a frenzy of heads, fins and tails churning the water. The quilt design evokes memories of the frenzy. I generated the block design using nested drunkards-path blocks to form a fractal.  A fractal consists of a shape repeated in different sizes, where the appearance of the overall result (the block) resembles that of the repeated shape.

12 thoughts on “Quilt National 19

  1. Hi Pat! I just saw your beautiful quilt at Quilt National in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and declared it my favorite. The design is enchanting and the color is gorgeous and the quilting gives it great movement! There was snow on the ground outside the gallery, but looking at your quilt warmed my soul. Thank you. I’m so glad I got to see it in person.

  2. Wow, that’s impressive. So sophisticated and it does make me dizzy. Congratulations.
    We’re enjoying Oisterwijk in Holland as usual. Have got some biking in. It’s such a lovely area witn NP’s both sides of the town and our place has a bird feeder so late afternoons are especially nice.
    Catch up mid-July.


  3. Congratulations Pat, the quilt reminds me of our two years spent living on the cliff edge in Darwin just around from where the fish were fed. I love your drunkards path quilts.

  4. I feel the movement and energy of the frenzy! So proud of you and really glad you could watch the proceedings from halfway around the world. Congratulations! Suzanne

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