Random Numbers Rule!

Surprise email this morning. My quilt ‘Colour, Shape and Movement’ has been selected to travel the US for two years. I was notified a few weeks ago it had been juried into the Colour Challenge at the International  National Quilt Festival Chicago. This morning’s email tells me it has been selected for the travelling exhibit to the International Quilt Festival Houston 2019 and beyond! I designed it using random numbers to decide where the light and dark colours would go, and which way the blocks would point!! Spare blocks were used for the back and the quilting was simple and sparse!

ForsterPatColourShapeand MovementFullForsterPatColourShapeandMovementDetailP1230493a

7 thoughts on “Random Numbers Rule!

  1. Congratulations, Pat. I love that quilt and using the generated random numbers sure prevents hours of agonising. Must try it some day!

  2. Wonderful to hear, Pat, even the part about the maths! Can’t begin to comprehend the figuring that went into creating such a colourful quilt.

  3. Wonderful, Pat, what a beautiful quilt. Orange is my least favourite colour, but you’ve won me over with this one. (Now I’m intrigued to see the other quilt that wasn’t chosen.)

  4. Congratulations Pat, you are getting so famous! I love this quilt. Orange is one of my fav colours. I love the use of numbers to choose how things go.

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