Had a good email this morning – have had a quilt accepted for the International Quilt Festival 2019 in Chicago, in the colour challenge. Made it as part of a challenge a group of us have set, to each make four Drunkards Path quilts. These quilts are turning out to be amazing in their diversity – we are working towards exhibition and sale.

MY UFOs have also received attention. Finished a purple scrappy which my daughter has claimed, and am working on a huge one 2.5m x 2.5m – this size is too big to manage! It used to have a white background but friend Liz Humphreys kindly dyed the pieced top so the background is now a beautiful almost irridescent shade of turquoise. I have machine quilted it but still have to hand quilt the darker turquoise strips–this will be a long job so I am using the quilt on our bed already, and taking it off from time to time to do the hand quilting!

p1230821b  p1230819a


8 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Nice to see you haven’t been just lazing around over the holiday break! Suzanne
    Looks like a great trip to Houston to see your work hung in such a prestigious event, congratulations.

  2. Fabulous news. Wow! Good luck with the monster, I’m so pleased you are happy with the dyeing. Liz

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