Map finished!


Map A3 size for Contemporary Quilt Group. Shows locations of places near the Swan/Canning rivers that Noongar people had named before European settlement,  and that

(i) have kept those names (gold stars)

(ii) were renamed by the settlers (white sequins) and

(iii) have been destroyed (black sequins) – lakes filled in and a point in the river near Fremantle dredged. Many of the places shown with white sequins have also been severely modified eg lakes partially filled in for subdivision for housing

To me, the map shows the disaster colonisation was for Noongar people in the 1800s –their camping places along the rivers appropriated by settlers and frequently made off bounds, and many of their food bowls (the lakes) filled in.

Orange represents the colour of the land at sunset, black the colour of water at sunset. Friends gave me the orange silk (Helen Tait), and the black fabric (Suzanne Dowsett). To make the quilt I used gifts of others (Robynne Valence, Judy Campbell, Jim) so it was pure joy to create. Hopefully it will raise awareness of what it portrays.


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