Just back from the NZ Quilt Symposium which was very good fun, especially in the company of Lesley and Davina whom I went with  The juried symposium exhibition had some wonderful quilts in it, including a wildflower one by Ruth de Vos which won an award. I had a quilt accepted (Kimberley Creek) and it was hung with others in similar colours so looked okay.


After the symposium  I holidayed in the beautiful South Island, catching up with family and friends – and think the fractal creek pictured below would be a very good subject for the quilt map that I am supposed to produce for CQG – could use the hexagon fractal pattern from Kimberley Creek, but with different colours!





One thought on “NZ

  1. Can’t believe you found that fractal creek! Oh no, it will only encourage you!
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful organisation of our free time. I loved every moment of the symposium and trip. Great fun!
    Davina x

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