WA Inspired Art Quilters

We are selling cards with quilt photos on the front, creator’s name and quilt title on the back, and blank inside. Each comes with an envelope and is protected by a plastic sleeve. We will take the ones that we have left to the November CQG meeting. If you would like some, ask Hilary Arber or Pat Forster at the meeting.

set of 7 note-cards $21 (L to R, top row, by Stella king, Denise Mallon, Roberta Chantler, Pat Forster; bottom row, by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber, Liz Humphries)

1-dsc04079-003 dsc04221-008 dsc05934-0011-DSC04117-004.JPG dsc06548-001dsc04058-003dsc05667-004landscape cards, $4 each or $24 for your combination of 7 (L to R, top row by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber; 2nd row by Denise Mallon, Hilary Arber; 3rd row by Roberta Chantler, Liz Humphries)

dsc05930  dsc04058-002dsc04221-007  1-dsc05216 dsc05244a  dsc05934

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