Good News for Granny!

Have just heard that my quilt ‘Granny’s Pond’ has been accepted for the World Quilt Show. It will be judged in August in New Hampshire and then tour quilt shows in the US till January.  I used  beautiful hand-dyed fabrics that I won at the 2015 QuiltWest, dyed by Stephanie Knudsen,  Hilary Arber and Denise Mallon, so they deserve some of the credit. The fabrics really lent themselves to the geometric fractal design that I concocted. I’ll put the quilt up on the blog when it is first exhibited, but a little bit is shown below. It is a sister quilt to Granny’s Twisted Garden and Granny’s Modern Garden which can be seen under the hexagon tab.1-DSC07175


7 thoughts on “Good News for Granny!

  1. Xis there anything you cannot do? You make me ashamed of my ineptitude.
    The quilt us outstanding .Miss Patricia.
    Congratulations and good luck with the judging.

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