Monuments and Stairs

My ‘Lit From the Left: Monuments and Stairs’ fractal quilt pair was 3rd in the Mixed Techniques/Abstract category in QuiltWest. The stunning quilts of my friends Meg Cowey and Liz Humphreys came first and second in the category.

After designing the monument motifs, I realised that, tipped over, they look like stairs, hence the diptych. The quilt pair had success last year in being accepted into Art Quilt Australia and received ‘highly commended’ for artistic development – a little late in my life for development, but better late than never (-: . Although I can see places for improvement in the layout etc, I’m now trying my luck with the pair in a US travelling exhibition – nothing ventured, nothing gained!




One thought on “Monuments and Stairs

  1. Congratulations Pat and good luck with your plans for this quilt. Definitely one of my favourites. I showed it to a lot of people at Quiltwest 2016, they loved it too!.

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