Sunset Outback!

Happy New Year! Am looking forward to the exhibition opening at Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda, tonight–for the Kalamunda Lions Art Awards. Entered my diptych Rocky Outcrop at Sunset/Sandplain at Sunset, which was inspired by the terrain at Wooleen Station in the Murchison (mid-west of Western Australia). We have stayed there several times and enjoyed perching on rocky outcrops to watch the sun go down. The photos below the quilts were taken at Wooleen and are of a well camouflaged rock hole (bottom right of the first photo), which was an important source of water for Aboriginal people, and an outcrop at sunset (right hand photo).

Pat Forster Rocky outcrop at Sunset Sandplain at Sunset diptych

A pause for reflection

I belong to a group called WA Inspired Art Quilters and have just posted a slide-show on the group’s website which some of you might be interested in. We have enjoyed some major successes and the slide show is about what has inspired and influenced us.


Time is Precious

Happy Festive Season to everyone who follows this blog. I was going to call this quilt ‘Time is Running Out’ as I remember sand timers where the sand took three minutes to run from a top cone to a bottom one, but the ‘cones’ here do not line up.  Anyway, I decided a more positive title was needed hence ‘Time is Precious’ . The design (53in x 56in) is based on Doug McKenna’s “half-domino” space-filling curve at <>   Doug says ” The tension between symmetry and asymmetry in a mathematical object is where I feel true beauty lies”. I absolutely agree with him. I think others do too because asymmetry is at the heart of my Drunkards Path ‘fractal’ block which has been so successful.

P1290028 d



Back from the US

My random scrappy Drunkards Path quilt ‘Colour, Shape and Movement’ is back from the International Festival of Quilts Color Challenge which was hung at the Festivals in Chicago and Houston. I threw a dice (actually used an Excel spreadsheet) to decide, for each block, whether the quarter circle would be dark or light, and which orientation it would be, then I raided my stash for blender fabrics in the yellow-red colour range. Cheap and cheerful is how I describe it!ForsterPatColourShapeand MovementFull


Australian Quilts in Public Places exhibition (AQIPP) opened last night in Melbourne and runs to December 21. I received a very welcome phone call last night from the organisers about the sale of one of my entries. Also received some emails today–the subject of the quilt seems to have caught people’s attention. The theme of the exhibition is Metamorphosis. The title of my quilt is Re-Cognise. The statement is:

Black fabric pieced in the Federation Square tiling pattern, with red and yellow inserts – colours of the Aboriginal flag. Chosen to promote the view that re-Cognising the Australian Federation and Constitution is overdue so that Australia’s First People are recognised.




My quilt ‘Eyes in the Deep’ is hanging from the rafters at the International Quilt Festival Houston which has just opened. The quilt was juried into the Sapphire Challenge, sapphire meaning truth. The statement for the quilt is ” What is the truth of the ‘matter’ seen by eyes in the deep? Friend, foe, food, flotsam, fishing tackle? “. I’m pretty happy about this one!

EyesInTheDeep Pat Forster

Back from NZ

‘Forest Hues’, a single bed quilt, is home after being accepted and hung at the NZ Quilt Symposium Oct 1-6. It was in a well lit spot and quite a few people asked how the block was put together so I expect it will appear in other quilts.  The dark green is hand-quilted in lines, the curved pieces are free-motion quilted –  a different pattern in each of the 12 blocks.

P1220987a exported-001  921ForsterForestHuesDetail

Quilt Poster Serving its Purpose

Aboriginal studies has been the theme in my daughter’s pre-primary classroom this term. She has had the children do some great activities, including learning what signals the spring season by going outside and seeing the bird activity etc etc. The seasons poster I made by photographing a quilt (green poster to the left of the photograph) has come in handy and led to the creation of a mural which was dot-painted by the class.