I put something here that I didn’t mean to (about stitched and bound)–sorry if you clicked the link!


Wetlands Management Conference

The WA Inspired group I am in displayed their ‘Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses’ quilts at the WA Wetlands Management Conference today – see  . I also showed my wetlands quilt posters. We had fun and a good lunch! And enjoyed admiration. The photo shows my posters and the crew who set up the stands.



Had a good email this morning – have had a quilt accepted for the International Quilt Festival 2019 in Chicago, in the colour challenge. Made it as part of a challenge a group of us have set, to each make four Drunkards Path quilts. These quilts are turning out to be amazing in their diversity – we are working towards exhibition and sale.

MY UFOs have also received attention. Finished a purple scrappy which my daughter has claimed, and am working on a huge one 2.5m x 2.5m – this size is too big to manage! It used to have a white background but friend Liz Humphreys kindly dyed the pieced top so the background is now a beautiful almost irridescent shade of turquoise. I have machine quilted it but still have to hand quilt the darker turquoise strips–this will be a long job so I am using the quilt on our bed already, and taking it off from time to time to do the hand quilting!

p1230821b  p1230819a



Decided to create a quilting CV for this blog. Its under the CV tab. Doing it made me realise there is a long way to go to hit the high spots. I’ll keep trying, and have fun doing that. At present I’m working on another Noongar Astronomy quilt, for NAIDOC week next year–different fabric, different design to the one I have made already (below).

quilt 8


Quilt National 19

I  jumped out of bed this morning to check the emails because one was due from Quilt National. Couldn’t believe the ‘Congratulations‘ subject line.  A quilt that I have called  Fish Feeding Frenzy has been accepted. Can’t show it till the exhibition starts but can say it is a Drunkards Path FRACTAL! Jim is muttering something about going to Ohio for the opening.


Royal Show Postscript

I have had a few emails wanting me to send a pic of the quilt that won the sash. Had hoped to put it in QuiltWest and therefore not have the pic plastered around, but have now decided I had better get my act together and make something else for QuiltWest.


Twelve Shades of ?   Best Exhibit in Patchwork Quilting, and 1st for Patchwork Quilting-Predominantly Applique.


Four Patch Variation, 1st Machine Embroidery

Perth Royal Show

Ross Ellis and I (Contemporary Quilt Groupees) both won sashes and first prizes at the show. Ross received the ‘Best Free Machine Embroidery by Western Australia Embroiderer’ sash, and first prizes for Machine Embroidered Garment,  and Patchwork Quilted Article. I received the sash for ‘Best Exhibit in Patchwork Quilting’ and first prizes for Patchwork Quilting-Predominantly Applique, and Machine Embroidery-Any Article. I had three other entries that scored lesser prizes. I’ll put them here (blue cushion cover, Xmas mat, quilt) because otherwise they probably won’t see the light of day. I really like the quilt but stuffed up getting the stripes on each side aligned.

FishFeedingFrenzy62x62-004   DSC05934DSC07823a

Noongar Aboriginal Astronomy

Life for Noongar people was moderated by objects in the sky. Day time was signalled by Venus rising and position of the sun, longer periods (‘months’) by the moon, seasons by star patterns. For navigation: direction was judged by sun up, sun down, highest point of the sun, star patterns, single stars, and directions between pairs of stars; distance/time intervals were ‘number of sleeps’,  ‘number of full moons’, where counting, at least for some, was one to five, five plus one, five plus two … then number of hands and feet.  Dreaming narratives of creation of the universe and spirit people were told through story, dance and art, and functioned as mnemonics for reading the sky.  Songlines which incorporated the Dreaming functioned as mnemonics for navigating. (8th and last quilt in a series and my favorite)

quilt 8