SAQA Juried Artist

Studio Art Quilt Associates (USA) have tiered membership. ‘Juried artist membership’ is quite a hurdle. Mentoring is offered and I was linked with Sharon Bass in Kansas. Her critical feedback on my draft application was amazing – with her suggestions, over several rounds of emailing, my application improved immeasurably. Thank you so much Sharon. I have just been notified that my application is successful.

A friend asked me yesterday if she could see the application so I am putting it here, together with 6 of the 7 quilt images that were required. The 7th quilt has yet to be exhibited. Thank you also to the Pathfinders group whose enthusiasm propelled me along the Drunkards Path, and to those who joined the Mount Magnet Project, which resulted in my Celebrate triptych.

Strip Patterns

A group project, with the theme of ‘lines’, took me back to strip patterns made with a repeated motif. Used in lace making, strip patterns are commonly generated with a motif that fits into a square or rectangle, and seven different strips are possible by reflecting, rotating and sliding the motif. But my strips were made of hexagons. Fortunately, I happened upon triangulation of octagons by Euler, a famous mathematician, so I thought, why not triangulate my hexagons and repeat the results along my hexagon ‘lines’. Two variations are shown below. Fun, fun, fun! The finished piece is 1 m square and I am thinking about entering it in an exhibition. I experimented with using woven interfacing instead of wadding – won’t do that again as the quilting stressed my left thumb.

Colourful 2021

Was guided by the colourwheel for this single bed sized quilt top, violet with yellow etc. Was going to place left-over squares randomly along the border, but colours arranged as a spectrum look so much better! More vibrant. Have to take out a few puckers but that has to wait, as I’m onto reading about Aboriginal astronomy again for my Galaxy art quilt. Hope the New Year brings good things to all of you, and thank you for following this blog.

Fun Time

Had fun making this little (A2 sized) quilt for a group exhibition centred around Cockman House, a pioneer cottage built in 1860 by James and Mary Cockman. Perth in Western Australia was first settled in 1827s. James and Mary arrived separately from England in 1829, married in 1830 and had seven children. In 1858 they packed up, went along a dirt track 15 km or so north to Wanneroo, an unsettled outpost, and developed a dairy and farm. It is said that the Cockman family became self-sufficient. It was also said, in Mary’s obituary (1903), that she lived a life of toil!

Have included a photo of galahs taken by my husband. Galahs were no doubt one of many parrots which flew in flocks past Cockman House. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Nice surprises

When delving into the cupboard for my Christmas quilts I came across this little number. No success with acceptances for exhibition–probably because the centre of the stars are a bit untidy – but that was on purpose – now I am wondering why! Baby floor-quilt size – am still waiting for a recipient! I think the quilt deserves to be seen, if only on my blog!! The other nice surprise this week is acceptance of my Aerobics quilt into QuiltCon Together 2021, online exhibition from Austin, Texas in February.

New idea

I belong to Studio Art Quilts Associates (a US quilting association) and the call is out for A2 size quilts on the theme ‘Distance and Diversity’. What is more distance than the newly discovered galaxies, identified using CSIRO radio-telescopes in the Murchison, Western Australia? The telescopes pick up signals from further away than ever before. So my entry will be an elongated version of nested Drunkards path blocks, elongated so the result is an elliptical galaxy, that fits the specified quilt size! Diversity will come into it, because of the diverse naming and stories, worldwide, of night sky objects – I’ll quilt text about that.

Best Wishes for the Festive Season

Lights and blow-up Father Christmases are appearing along our street so thought I would delve into my festive quilts. First up was this one, made using ‘my’ Drunkards Path block. Sorry Virginia, about the red and green, cold climate Christmas colours –I like your argument that Christmas in sunny Western Australia should be purple and straw, purple because the jacarandas are out, and straw for stubble in the paddocks, and because straw lined the manger.

Bits and Pieces

I gave a friend a couple of quilts for her fundraising to feed the hungry in Bali, of which there many since COVID affected tourism. Was pleased yesterday when two attracted good prices in a silent auction. One was made with Aboriginal fabrics, using a border design that friend Suzanne Dowsett introduced me too–but I did it all over the quilt, and the other was a floor quilt for young child.

Aboriginal fabric lap quilt
Floor quilt 40″ x 40″

Best news!

For years I have wanted to go to Bridges Maths Art Conferences and exhibit my mathematical quilts, but the conferences are usually held in remote places. However, now, COVID has brought the benefit of online exhibitions! Guess who entered early, and has had two entries juried in. You can see the quilts at


Good week

Visited our local library this week and noticed that NAIDOC week, which celebrates Australia’s First People, was not getting a mention. Offered posters of quilts that I made a couple of years ago, and they were enthusiastically accepted! Then, today, I received notification that my two entries into Houston International Virtual Festival have been accepted, Ningaloo Reef and Witching Hour (see Drunkards Path tab), both abstract. Click on the images below to enlarge.