Exhibiting in Albany!

WA Inspired Art Quilters, of which I am a member, are presently exhibiting their quilt set ‘Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses’ at the Museum of the Great Southern, Albany. The group was offered more space than needed, so I was offered the chance to also hang my six Aboriginal Culture quilts. They are in a small, well-lit room with a slideshow prepared by Meg Cowey playing continuously, showing wetland scenes and wetland themed quilts. So I am smiling. I took the opportunity while in Albany this week to visit the Aboriginal fish traps (weirs) near there–4500 years old. Amazing, and I am doubly pleased since fish traps are mentioned on one of my quilts.DSC08084



Good news

My quilt set that celebrates Noongar Traditional Culture has been accepted for the National Quilt Register and will be featured in the next issue of Down Under Textiles. Each quilt measures approximately 40cm x 60cm. At the moment they are being exhibited in the Western Australian Museum Albany for NAIDOC week and the rest of July, along with WA Inspired’s ‘Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses’ quilts.

In luck again

Was pleased to learn today that my quilt ‘Colours of the Aboriginal Flag’ has been accepted into the World Quilt Competition 2018, Manchester, New Hampshire. It will also  be exhibited in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Orlando. I can show it below since it has been exhibited before. It was made in 2017 and I always liked the artist statement for it:

Black (people), red (earth, ochre), yellow (sun), colours of the flag that Cathy Freeman carried triumphantly on her Sydney Olympic circuit. That action surely engendered new heart amongst Aboriginal Australians. The quilt also recognises the referendum 50 years ago which led to Aboriginal people being included in the Australian census.PForsterFull2a


The new header image above is from my Bunbury Challenge quilt, ‘I like a tight embrace’. The beige and orange motifs are embracing; and can you spot the quilted synonyms for embrace?

Action in the sewing room this last couple of weeks has been focused on getting pieces ready for the exhibition ‘Noongar (Aboriginal) Country: Wetland Glimpses’ by WA Inspired Art Quilters, a group to which I belong. It will be at the Museum of the Great Southern, July 8-29. You are welcome! I will be there  July 9 -13 and would be happy to give you a conducted tour – best to email wainspiredquilters@gmail.com  first.

An exciting adjunct to the exhibition for me is that I am converting 6 images of my quilts into printed posters. The images address different aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture. My reasoning is the posters would be good in schools and libraries during the annual Reconciliation and NAIDOC weeks. I will try my luck with marketing them by direct mailing and they will also be available through the exhibition. Taking photos that suit enlargement to A3 is the challenge at the moment. One of the quilts is shown below.



Bunbury Challenge

P1220711    DSC06846

Had a pleasant surprise today to see my quilt ‘I like a tight embrace’ was on the cover of the 2018 Bunbury Challenge catalogue! The quilt display looked great in the Bunbury Regional Gallery. The theme was ‘I like…’. The statement for my quilt was: “Orange and beige motifs, embracing tightly. Otherwise they hug, envelop, cuddle, clasp, enfold, encase, snuggle, nestle, conoodle, hold close, entangle – these words are quilted. The design was inspired by the Ter Dragon fractal at www.fractalcurves.com/  “.  Friend Julie McAllister earnt a well-deserved highly-commended in the challenge.