What a privilege

My daughter found a use a for another of my quilts in her preprimary classroom. Cutting and decorating challenges! How nice is that to have young minds stimulated by patchwork!image3



Because it is NAIDOC week, my Celebrating Aboriginal Culture triptych is on display in the foyer of the Melville City Civic Centre. It will be there until July 24.Celebrate the Culture of Australia's First People Series 2The quilts have text about (1) the Night Sky understandings of Aboriginal people, (2) their multiple uses of Granite Outcrops and (3) their management of water, including in the desert areas.  A booklet that explains more about the quilts can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘Celebrate Download’ link.

 Celebrate Download 

Celebrate the Culture of Australia's First People Series 2

‘Quilting’ in a preprimary classroom

The theme my daughter has for her classroom this term is ‘ocean’. Language, art, music + centred on it. I gave her my dolphin quilt last week and she had the children guess what it showed, how it was made etc etc, and showed them a Utube with dolphins.  Some children had never heard of a sewing machine so she is taking hers in next week.  Then she asked them to make an abstract picture, with a stencilled dolphin to work up from if they wanted, using squares + of paper. She said the activity really engaged and challenged them, cutting the collage paper etc. and calmness reigned.  Next week it is my quilt of the leafy sea dragon with different art materials!

Quilt National 19

Just watched the opening of Quilt National 19 live–great since I couldn’t be there. Now I can put my quilt photo up – am so pleased the quilt got into the premiere USA show. The quilt is called Fish Feeding Frenzy and is big, 62″ x 62″. I have put the statement below.FishFeedingFrenzy62x62

Statement: Fish-feeding in Darwin, Australia results in a frenzy of heads, fins and tails churning the water. The quilt design evokes memories of the frenzy. I generated the block design using nested drunkards-path blocks to form a fractal.  A fractal consists of a shape repeated in different sizes, where the appearance of the overall result (the block) resembles that of the repeated shape.

Random Numbers Rule!

Surprise email this morning. My quilt ‘Colour, Shape and Movement’ has been selected to travel the US for two years. I was notified a few weeks ago it had been juried into the Colour Challenge at the International  National Quilt Festival Chicago. This morning’s email tells me it has been selected for the travelling exhibit to the International Quilt Festival Houston 2019 and beyond! I designed it using random numbers to decide where the light and dark colours would go, and which way the blocks would point!! Spare blocks were used for the back and the quilting was simple and sparse!

ForsterPatColourShapeand MovementFullForsterPatColourShapeandMovementDetailP1230493a

Pattern published

I have just had a pattern published in the online Make Modern magazine. The young (?) editors do a great job in putting out issues with heaps of ideas, at a low cost. They ask contributors to advertise this special offer for issue 27: log onto  www.makemodern.com.au/issue27 and use the code 27special to a copy for only AU$6 for the next 48 hours. Code expires Sunday, 10th March when the issue will go back to standard price of AU$8

.   Make Modern

Quilt City Here!

Just posted my Australian Quilt Challenge entry (theme is ‘Magic’) to be considered in the second round of the jury–survived the first round. The title of the quilt is Night Sky Magic, Across Cultures. The main feature is a spiral galaxy, a fractal of course. On a more practical note, my daughter asked for a quilt for the reading-corner couch in her pre-primary classroom so I did a quick make with animal etc fabrics in green windows.