Water Management by Aboriginal People

I have been enjoying revising a few documents that I put together previously. One is on water management by Aboriginal people in Western Australia. I was contacted by Dr Peter Best, from Queensland, who read an early version of my water management piece and who kindly provided me with some additional references. I have been amazed at the number of people who download my stuff, 88 for the original, rather scrappy water management review. Here is the latest and final version–with photos! You might like to just skim it to see the photos of many of the wonderful watery places that Jim and I have visited in Western Australia.

Review of Aboriginal Water Management, a Western Australian Focus 2 April 2020

This is the quilt that I made to accompany the review.


Noongar Placenames

While being confined indoors in the hope of avoiding THE VIRUS, I have had time to pursue my interest in Aboriginal culture and have put together a ‘paper’ on Noongar placenames. Very heavy reading unless the unusual intrigues you, but I thought I would post it on this blog anyway! Next step is to represent the places on a quilt in a creative way!

Noongar Placenames Sorted under root words 2 April 2020


Australian Textile Art Award

The prize winners of the award were announced tonight on https://www.facebook.com/AustralianTextileArtAward/

I wasn’t lucky, but am pleased I had ‘Witching Hour’ juried into the award. A fractal of course, with ‘witches’ in two sizes. Scroll down for a detail photo of the quilting under the quilt photo. Am looking forward to seeing the catalogue with the other acceptances, including one  by Louise Wells,  also from Perth.


ForsterPat WitchingHour a-001

Sunset Outback!

Happy New Year! Am looking forward to the exhibition opening at Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda, tonight–for the Kalamunda Lions Art Awards. Entered my diptych Rocky Outcrop at Sunset/Sandplain at Sunset, which was inspired by the terrain at Wooleen Station in the Murchison (mid-west of Western Australia). We have stayed there several times and enjoyed perching on rocky outcrops to watch the sun go down. The photos below the quilts were taken at Wooleen and are of a well camouflaged rock hole (bottom right of the first photo), which was an important source of water for Aboriginal people, and an outcrop at sunset (right hand photo).

Pat Forster Rocky outcrop at Sunset Sandplain at Sunset diptych