Respect for Aboriginal people

I have just completed revising and expanding a booklet in which I recorded the research I did for a three-piece quilt set that I made for display in the Wirnda Barna Aboriginal Art Gallery during the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest 2019. The booklet describes the quilts, and has reviews of published accounts of Aboriginal people’s conceptions of the Night Sky, Granite Outcrops and Water Management. You are welcome to download it. I believe that learning about Aboriginal culture can lead to understanding and respect.

.001Series 5 Celebrate 2 Cover Celebrate Aboriginal Culture Expanded and Revised

Alternatively, the reviews, without most of the photos, can be downloaded as three individual files

Review of Aboriginal Night Sky Conceptions, a Western Australian Focus uploaded 7 June 2020

Review of Aboriginal Culture in Relation to Granite Outcrops, a Western Australian Focus 29 April 2020

Review of Aboriginal Water Management, a Western Australian Focus 29 April 2020 with links to download images



Reconciliation Week

May 27 –  June 3.  May 3 was the day of the referendum in 1967, which led to our First People being recognised as Australians, rather than being governed under the fauna and flora act.  June 3 was the day of the High Court Mabo decision in 1992, which recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have rights to the land – rights that existed before the British arrived and can still exist today.

Quilt title: Celebrate the Culture of Australia’s First People, 2018, 90cm x 89cm

ForsterP Full

I made the quilt in the spirit of reconciliation through understanding–I did a lot of background reading. The quilt has Noongar Aboriginal names from Western Australia, common Australian names, and Ancient Greek names for star patterns and other night sky objects. The fabric of the spiral galaxy is ‘Seven Sisters in the Milky Way’ designed by Marlene Doolan. The galaxy block is original. The emu is copied from a public domain photo owned by Barnaby Norris and Ray Norris.

Text on the quilt, starting top left and rotating anticlockwise

– weijt   emu in the black spaces of the Milky Way signals seasons

– star maps guided navigation on the ground

– djinda djinda kanangor   twinle twinkle little star

– Danakat  Seven Susters  Pleiades

– Jundas campsite  Hyades

– Julagoling  Venus

– binnar  [meteor/comet/shooting star]

The above quilt was juried into the One Step Further Exhibition, Victorian Quilters Inc., 2019 but the exhibition gallery refused to hang it because I am not of Aboriginal heritage. I asked for it to be returned immediately to me and, soon after, it was purchased for a private collection. The triptych below addresses Aboriginal culture in relation to the night sky, granite outcrops and water management. Each quilt measures close to 80cm x 80cm. The set was hung in Wirnda Barna Aboriginal Art Gallery last year for the Mount Magnet Festival. Triptych selling price is $600. Extensive documentation in digital form accompanies the work. Email


Nine Patch Fractal Quilt

I had fun making this quilt, in isolation, almost–Jim did supply cups of tea. The fun came from remembering where the fabrics came from–left-overs from past quilts, gifts from friends, and treasures from overseas travel. To make the quilt a usable size, I added a top and bottom row of blocks to the big nine-patch fractal. To give the quilt a soft feel, I did big-scale stippling. Thought I might get away without quilting the border, but no, it was too floppy, so I did border quilting on it. The quilt is now winging its way to NZ to a special person who likes turquoise.




Aboriginal Use of Granite Outcrops

Learn about traditional Aboriginal life in relation to granite outcrops! I have uploaded  my review document here because I am surprised at the number of downloads of my Aboriginal water management review, although one friend did confess she went to sleep reading it!

Review of Aboriginal Culture in Relation to Granite Outcrops, a Western Australian Focus 29 April 2020


Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History

I’m a member of WA Inspired Art Quilters and have just posted a slideshow of our latest quilt-set at

The set was launched at the 2019 New Zealand Quilt Symposium and was exhibited in the City of Perth Library for February/March 2020. My two quilts ‘Indian Ocean’ and ‘Ningaloo Reef’ are for sale ($240 for the pair). Contact     if you are interested. Both measure 40 cm x 80 cm.



Water Management by Aboriginal People

I have been enjoying revising a few documents that I put together previously. One is on water management by Aboriginal people in Western Australia. I have been amazed at the number of people who download my work, 88 for the original, rather scrappy water management review. Here is the latest and final version–with photos! You might like to just skim it to see the photos of many of the wonderful watery places that Jim and I have visited in Western Australia.

Review of Aboriginal Water Management, a Western Australian Focus 29 April 2020 with links to download images

This is the quilt that I made to accompany the review.